Dear friends of the thematic concert "ROYAL SAFARI"!

The concert tour was postponed to autumn 2024 for organizational reasons. You will find new dates and the possibility to purchase tickets on this website from November 2023. Purchased tickets will of course be fully refunded, but can also remain valid for the 2024 autumn tour if you wish. In addition to the well-known venues of Berlin, Magdeburg, Dresden and Erfurt, further venues will be used for the concert in 2024.

We are currently clarifying the repayment modalities with the service provider We kindly ask you to refer to this website for further information in the next 14 days.

Thank you for your understanding and we hope that you will be our guest at this unique concert with lots of girl power in 2024!

What awaits you at the "Royal Safari" concert?

As a guest of our concerts, enjoy a unique and fascinating musical-thematic journey through time visualized with stories about various aristocratic houses in Europe from the flourishing period of royal houses from the middle to the end of the 18th century with the self-composed, heart-warming and stirring instrumental music by talented young musicians who perform the self-composed pieces of music professionally and with great musical commitment on their musical instruments. Short videos between the pieces of music tell behind-the-scenes stories of great European dynasties and their connections through the royal marriage market. Up to now unknown stories are told, which tell of intrigues and scandals in Europe's royal families. It tells of disastrous marriage alliances, bored heirs to the throne, playboy princes, glamor princesses, royal adulteresses who were put in mental institutions and heirs to the throne who sank into Paris nightlife. However, it is also told of the intellectual and active progress of individual princes, kings and tsars who promoted art and culture or stimulated European trade. Thus, the audience is offered a unique concert: wonderful music combined with a journey through time, as if the audience were experiencing the tabloid press of yesteryear and internalizing the stories about the royal entourage through the aristocratic houses with the music.

We look forward to welcoming you as our guest soon!