With their self-composed music, the OTTA Orchestra offers an unprecedented, extraordinary and spectacular music show. The compositions are beyond style and time, they are amongst the finest instrumentals and the band's clips have garnered millions of views on YouTube. The title "Royal Safari" achieved more than 33 million views and inspired the thematic concert of the same name with a musical, narrative and visual accompanying journey through the European noble houses of the 17th-20th centuries. century.

The OTTA Orchestra consists of bright and talented young women playing various musical instruments. Violins and keyboards, drums and percussion, guitar and accordion, Belarusian cymbals, Indian sitar and Chinese hulus (a kind of harmonica) - all these instruments are presented in the concert show like heroes of musical theater. The group has released four albums. The author of the musical works is the composer Lee Otta. Many world pop stars have collaborated with the OTTA orchestra, including Pupo, F. David and others. During its existence, the OTTA Orchestra has given concerts in many cities of Russia and China. The group received awards from Yamaha, among others.

Now the orchestra is making its debut in Western Europe with the premiere of the concert "Royal Safari" in Germany.